Friday, November 16, 2018

Top 10 lipstick shades of fall 2018

Lipsticks actually provide color, texture and protection to your lips. When autumn comes, different colors of lipsticks spring into life. With other types of makeup, lipstick is typically worn by ladies. They act lip balm as well. They majorly add color to our lips. Here are Top 10 Lipstick Shades of Fall 2018.

Through the early times of 20th century, there was limited stock to lipsticks available. In 2012, bright and bold lip colors became trendy. By 2014 and 2015 nude lipsticks were taking the command and they become popular. In 2016 liquid lipsticks were up, which after applying gives matte look to the lips. They have various variations of lipstick like, gloss, balm, pencils, liners etc.

Lipsticks are least expensive yet the most trendy cosmetic product used. As long as the cosmetic is in the fashion, the market for lipstick will continue to be stronger. Most ladies who are fashion trendy like to wear lipstick colors that conform to the weather season, making the season to all new levels.
Various colors car common. Examples are warm tangerine, dark tangerine among others. This article will give you a brief insight into the world of lipstick colors for fall.


This color speaks for itself. A warm brown hue is essential when choosing a lipstick color for fall, as many ladies proved that. Milky Way is a brand that makes different colors of lipsticks for fall and chocolate is one of them. Lipsticks of this color will glade your lips to give you a creamy, soft texture. You can get different lipsticks that have this color on stores around the world.

Silky Mauve:

This is another 90’s brand which is back with a bang. This color is beautiful and will give you a soft shiny finish. It will give you a look that will make your lips look moisturized and modern rather than dated. Make silk cream lipstick taffy is a brand that makes this type of lipstick. It makes silky mauve shades that are soft ware wearable for all skin tones. One cool feature about buying this brand of lipstick is that a portion of the profit goes to non-profitable foundation called ‘we see beauty’. Buying one can be a good gesture.

Candy Apple Red:

Top 10 lipstick shades of fall 2018

If you see this lipstick you will celebrate the autumn system with a bright red lip color that is reminiscent of candy apples. You should pick a formula that is not too matte and easy to handle. A jumbo pencil from NARS is a major route for those who adore little extra control on their lipstick.

Deep Plum:

By applying this dark purple lipstick will give people you’re strange and a mysterious look. The color is bold, sexy and dramatic. You should apply a lip liner before the lipstick to ensuring a perfect look. This will last longer and will enhance your overall expression. The lipstick always gets positive remarks. It is best for those girls who love dark lip shades.

Soft metallic:

From the past years, metallic shade is trending overall. It has gained much popularity. It is still trending as compared to neon shades. Metallic are rather classier. By adding warmth and shimmer to this shade on your lips will make it an elegant choice for any occasion. It is nude a color with a lot of sparkle. The ones who are obsessed by this color can use two faced melted chocolate liquefied making it ideal and give a soft appearance.

Bare But Better:

A soft nude look of this lip color looks amazing with sharp and smoky eyes. By adding a small amount of shimmer over it makes it amazing nude. It is a perfect way to add polish. If you don’t want to bring any shine segment on your lips then you can use Milk Makeup Lip Pigment which makes it a perfect nude to carry out in any function.

Warm Tangerine:

It is always a difficult task to choose the best lip color you can carry in the fall season. As there are many colors which other ladies carry up. Different shades and colors of red, orange, yellow are trending now days. But the fair thing would be to choose only one shade which can make you shine all day long. An orange red shade is trending the most and it is best for any of the skin shade and tone. It suits them all the best. You should consider these shades and buy them to slay this fall.

Glossy Pink:

Finally, the glossy lips are trending back. Sheer shiny pink or peach shades are the best choices and they can give the lavishing look in any of the outfits you wear this fall. This will hydrate your lips. It will give you gorgeous look. If you are a girl who loves glossy lips then this is the best choice for you.

Sheer Sandy Pink:

The trending lip shade this fall. This nude color of your lips add warmth to you look as well. It gives you the regular lip balm touch because it is made up from the new technical things. By apply this you can have you lips giving a natural touch with a balm on lips. It is a true pink shade. It will suit your skin tone and cheeks as well. I dare that your lips will look amazing by applying this pink shade.

Sparkly Red:

It has made a comeback. This shade does not make its position of ruling on the 90’s time. It usually is a deep rep shade with a sparkle or twinkle on it. It adds a bold glamour to any look. This shade is the host topic of discussion around the ladies all over the world. Urban decay is a brand that also makes lipstick with shade and gives a sparkle over it. This is going to rule the trends in near future.

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