Friday, November 16, 2018

People Who Had The Worst Bad Luck

Have you ever had something happen to you that ruined your day completely and you end up thinking that you always have bad luck? None of those moments will come close to what the people below have experienced. Take a look at these and feel good about not being them.

1. A Series Of Life Threatening Accidents

A man in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, was drunk and smoking in a grassy area behind his house and fell asleep. When he woke up, he found his clothes and the grass around him on fire, instead of calling for help, he rushes to his house, grabs a bicycle and flees. Shortly after he fled the scene of fire on a bicycle, he was hit by a train on the nearby CP Rail Tracks. Fortunately, the man survived both the serious burns and being hit by the train.

2. Not Enough Time

People Who Had The Worst Bad Luck

Imagine, one of the biggest dreams of your life comes true, and as soon as it does your life ends. Yeah that sucks! He shouldn’t have been taken the next day, maybe after some wild parties with some gold diggers.

3. Worst Day At Work

People Who Had The Worst Bad Luck

Can you imagine yourself being in this scenario? No one would want to be in this situation. Is he standing in a urinal?

4. Hardest Apple Ever

People Who Had The Worst Bad Luck

I believe this apple was taken from Thor’s farm.

5. Interesting

People Who Had The Worst Bad Luck

Imagine going to a game show but instead of winning anything, your performance sucks so much that you have to PAY THEM.

6. Want A Tattoo?

People Who Had The Worst Bad Luck

Think of every scenario before you get a tattoo, where you might end up in the future, would this tattoo be a good thing to have there.

7. Everyone Wins The Lottery, Except This Guy

People Who Had The Worst Bad Luck

A Massiv Lottery called “El Gordo” is hosting by Spain every year. Sodeto, a 70-household village, won the lottery one year. The whole village won the lottery except for one man called Costis Mitsotakis. Apparently, the home association that sells the lottery tickets never bothered to knock on the man’s door, so the man couldn’t buy the lottery ticket. When the town won the lottery, everyone shared the $950 million jackpot except for Costis. Maybe the town doesn’t like Costis.

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