Friday, November 16, 2018

Man Pretends To Be Dead In A Morgue, Gets Cremated

Man Pretends To Be Dead In A Morgue, Gets Cremated

Everybody loves pulling pranks in this month. Everyone pranks their own family, friends and some even pull pranks on their customers, but this man went to the extreme. 27-year-old Thomas McClure from Boston is now an ex-employee of a morgue after he got the idea that he should pretend to be dead to prank his coworkers.

Just acting dead would have been enough but Thomas McClure was a perfectionist, he chose to take an overdose of sleeping pills. He wanted to be so unconscious that his coworkers could not wake him up. He planned everything perfectly, he took sleeping pills right when his shift started and in a few minutes, he fell asleep on the floor, which means everything went perfectly according to the plan. His coworkers got worried, they tried to wake him up, slap him, pour water on his face but they were not able to wake him up.

All of his coworkers were shocked because they thought their coworker was dead, the prank went exactly as planned, well not exactly what the prankster might have wanted to happen. The coworkers concluded that he was dead and decided to inform his family about the sad news.

5 Hours passed and McClure’s family came to visit him to bid their farewell to him, seems like he didn’t have many people who loved him, because soon the family and coworkers both decided to cremate him.

While looking through McClure’s care later, the family found sleeping pills. They were confused at first, because it indicated that he might have committed suicide, but he didn’t take enough pills to cause death. That’s when the family realized that he might have been alive, and thought that he may have tried to pull a prank, well he wasn’t alive anymore.

Whether it was a prank, a suicide or a murder, it will be soon figured out by the police as they have already opened an investigation.

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