Friday, November 16, 2018

Bizarre Pictures Of Smuggling Attempts That Went Wrong

Below is a collection of smuggling attempt pictures which involve mobile phones, drugs, animals being transported in the most absurd way.

1. Cocaine Shorts

The above image was captured by the Portuguese Authorities. The picture shows swimming shorts which have two brown bags sewed on at the bottom of the shorts, the brown bags contain around a kilo of cocaine. A man arrived at Lisbon’s international airport from the city of Belem, northern Brazil, the man had these shorts on and they were seized immediately.

According to a statement released by the Portuguese Police, the man was taken into custody at Lisbon’s airport. He was wearing the shorts and the bags were set up to appear as his buttocks. The cocaine in those bags were enough to make around 5,000 doses of cocaine.

2. Cocaine Thighs

The above image shows a Fly Jamaica Airways crew member named Hugh Hall as he was searched and taken into custody by US Customs and Border Protection at New York’s Kennedy Airport. About 4 packages of cocaine were taped to his legs.

He had around 9 pounds of cocaine taped to his legs, the street value of this amount of drugs is about $160,000.

3. Bengal Tiger In A Box

A local delivery company was caught transporting a two month old Bengal Tiger in a box by the Police in the Mexican state of Jalisco. The delivery company had sedated the cub and packed it in a plastic container.

It was completely undetected until a sniffer dog looking for drugs found it. The delivery address for the cub was a location in the central state of Queretaro. The cub was handed over to an animal management centre. Other than being dehydrated, the cub was fine.

The papers for the cub were all in order, but the reason the authorities seized it was because of the way it was being transported.

4. Cocaine In A Book?

On December 11, 2017, in the international airport of Melbourne Australia an incoming passenger had a book that was confiscated by the authorities. Reason? There was cocaine concealed in the pages of the book.

The suspect was a 71-year-old US National, he has been charged with attempting to import about 700 grams of cocaine into Australia, according to the Police.

5. Cannabis In A Sofa

Around 1.3 tons of cannabis was found on A9 highway near Sigean, southern France in a sofa made of recycled material in a truck. The truck was being driven by a Danish driver, it was registered in Spain, according to the French Customs.

6. Never Hide It In Your Bulge

This legendary guy had an awesome idea to hide cocaine and smuggle it to Spain but he got carried away and put too much of it in there. His bulge looked too big to be real, so the Spanish Border Police had to check if it’s real. The man was traveling from Costa Rica to Madrid. When the police searched him, they were let down because it was not the real thing, instead he had nearly half a kilo of cocaine hidden there.

7. Even Birds Are Becoming Gangsters

Customs Officials in Kuwait caught a pigeon, they had hoped to find a message that it was delivering but instead they found illegal drugs in a backpack that the pigeon was wearing.

The pouch had around 178 pills, the pills contained a form of Ketamine, according to Kuwaiti Media.

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