Friday, November 16, 2018

200 Live Cockroaches Found In Chinese Couple’s Luggage

200 Live Cockroaches Found In Chinese Couple's Luggage

Think about working at an airport, checking people’s luggage and finding something really nasty in there. Any bad day you have had at work couldn’t come close to this. This is what happened on 25th November 2017, customs officials at a Chinese airport found something really nasty. An elderly couple’s luggage was check and the customs officials were shocked when they found hundreds of live cockroaches. One of the officials was left in tears by this nasty finding.

Customs officials in Baiyun International Airport in Guangdong province saw movement when the couple’s luggage was going through x-ray machine, according to Global Times.

One of the customs officials said, “They were carrying a bucket, but when it passed through the x-ray something unusual showed up.”

He added, “One of our staff opened their luggage and a roach crawled out of it. She almost cried.”

The husband claimed that the cockroaches were a part of a home remedy for his wife’s skin condition, when he was asked why they were carrying hundreds of live cockroaches in their luggage.

According to one of the security guard, the husband said, “They were part of an old folk remedy. You mix the roaches in some medicinal cream and put it on your skin.”

When the officials asked about his wife’s skin condition, the man refused to provide any more details.

The couple left the cockroaches behind when they were informed that they were not allowed to board the plane with the cockroaches, according to a Chinese newspaper Beijing Youth Daily.

While the world is going towards healthy and natural skin care solutions, this couple was going towards the nastiest skin care medicine ever.

Sounds as nasty as the protein bars being made with Cockroaches in the Snowpiercer movie. Nobody knows what happened to the cockroaches.

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